A Measured Process: The Link Between Geometry And Digital Fabric Twins

When you look at your smartphone, you know it’s filled with amazing technology that you may not necessarily understand. If the device fulfils the needs for your personal and business life and looks good, little thought goes into how they get the screen resolution so high or how the phone in your hand has more processing power than computers from a few decades ago.

This same situation applies to digital fabric twins. They look incredible and, for the most part, people can’t distinguish between a photograph of the physical fabric and a rendered image of the digital twin. The difference is that it’s important that design professionals and fabric wholesalers or retailers should understand how this particular innovation works as it can yield benefits for their business. Furthermore, to be ahead of the game, knowledge of how digital fabric twins come to be and using this technology provides a unique selling point that may help future-proof enterprises that work with textiles. 

As the world continues to rapidly evolve with technological innovations, understanding these technological advancements provides a foundation for critical thinking and strategic decision making. Fortunately, Twinbru are experts in using specific technology to create digital fabric twins that are a game-changer for the fabric world, and we’re going to break it down for you.


Pinpointing Parameters

We live in a 3D world. Every object, including us, exists in a space that has three dimensions. 

This means the position of anything can be described using three numbers, known as coordinates or parameters. The most commonly used parameters are width, length and height (or depth, depending on the object and space). These parameters can identify or mark the position in space of any object thus providing a lot of data about that object. 

If you look at any physical object, you’ll see it has different sides, edges, and plains. Any point on that object will have different coordinates because the parameters aren’t exactly the same. Each point is a piece of data. This is exactly how our eyes work as light bounces off objects to give our brains points of data that are processed for spatial awareness and depth perception as a natural safety mechanism. In a scanner, light bounces off the surface and marks points of data. This data contains the various parameters of the object and creates a point cloud.


Measuring Up

A point cloud is great - the scanner now has all this information about all these points all over the surface but it’s what happens with this data that’s mathematically magical. As geometry is all about points and lines, computer algorithms draw lines between the points of data from a scan. Effectively, the software connects the dots. This is done in a highly complex but orderly system to create edges and then the edges are mathematically connected to form shapes known as polygons. It’s these shapes that are meshed together to create the image from the scan, accurately showing the object in three dimensions.


The Point Is…

Just like geometry connects points, our aim is to connect industries and businesses to technology that will assist in the undeniable evolution of the digital era. We’re also sharing how this process works so that you can see where this technology can connect with your business and offer solutions that will stand you in good stead for growth. There is a clear line towards the future and it has shown in recent years that agility and a willingness to embrace digital solutions is critical to remain competitive.

The scanning process that creates digital fabric twins isn’t magic; it’s really good math and imaging, and we’ve mastered the technology behind it. 

From our point of perspective, we can see the math making sense.

Your Business + Digital Fabric Twins = Forward-Thinking Success

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