Digital visualisation: Endless possibilities through collaboration

Can working together to create a 3D model change the trajectory of your business? We believe it can. The business world is adapting to a society with some new perspectives. We want products that have more meaning and value in our lives and services that can be more than simply transactional.

There’s something special about the barista who knows exactly how you like your coffee or the small business that offers customisation. Good relationships are vital to any business.

The Power Of Collaboration

The word “collaboration” has become a buzzword but it’s valuable to understand its true meaning.

Collaboration is people or businesses working together to achieve a common goal. This process is most effective when collaborators share the same values and have complementary skills and resources. Trust and good communication allow for the expansion of ideas that can strengthen the value proposition and build trust.

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” - Henry Ford 

Now, you might think that collaboration isn’t possible between clients and service providers. We disagree. At Twinbru, we work WITH you, sharing our expertise, taking yours on board and building a relationship of mutual trust. That is effective collaboration.


Common Goal

The goal of collaboration with Twinbru is to enhance your business. Our services will help you deliver a better customer journey and we virtualise your products in all possibilities. It’s amazing to give your customer the experience of seeing the actual product they buy but it’s not a photograph - it’s a high quality, high resolution, photorealistic render or 3D model.

Your days of needing large budgets to prototype products and stage photoshoots on location are over. Think how efficient, engaging and enjoyable the customer journey will be when there’s no limitation on location, visuals are quick to produce, you have a library of content and can offer greater customisation with top quality fabric products.Twinbru_Image_Endless_Possibilities_Through_Collaboration_May2021_Image03

Model Material

Twinbru’s has seen a demand for 3D modeling. A 3D model is a digital three-dimensional shape that typically represents an object, person, animal, vehicle…basically anything.

First, we have to make the distinction between CAD (Computer Aided Design) and polygonal modelling. In CAD, which is used in technical fields such as architecture and engineering, the model is made up of mathematically calculated surfaces. These models are extremely precise as they are used in production environments that require very tight tolerances.

The second category is polygonal modelling, whereby models are built up by a mesh of connected surfaces, usually triangles or quadrilateral shapes. In comparison to CAD models, polygonal models are less precise but offer much more creative freedom and are easier to create organic shapes with. This makes them the method of choice for industries such as animation movies, gaming, and interior design.

At Twinbru, we use polygonal models by default. Models are most often not a singular shape, meaning they usually consist of multiple parts. For example, a chair model can consist of the following separate parts: legs, seating and stitching. This separation is necessary to be able to apply different materials to the parts, for example, wood for the legs, fabric for the seating and thread for the stitching.

One additional benefit of having the model consist of different parts is that it becomes easier to adapt the model. For example, we could show a variant with wood and metal legs, or show the chair with and without decorative cushions.


Benefits For You

Sure, we can build a pretty spectacular model of your furniture product. What does it mean for you?

As we’ve said, we’re all about collaboration. Your expertise in design and ergonomics works in conjunction with our expertise in technical accuracy. We can enhance your offering by bringing your vision to life and support your product development through various iterations created in high detail. We can also guide you through our extensive texture library.

We’re also able to provide marketing content with 3D renders that showcase your product in the best way possible, bringing our skills in producing breathtaking imagery. And, we can advise how to make the most of our services to ensure your process is as cost-effective as possible while delivering great value.

As we close the imagination gap, your business can stand apart from the competition with an exciting offering that your customers will love. Collaboration is the key and together we can weave a digital future.


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