The Twinbru Machine: Excellence through innovation

Who doesn’t like things that are simpler, easier, faster and hassle-free?

It’s resolving this need for greater efficiency, greater accuracy and reduced stress that drives Twinbru’s service offering. While our ability to create 3D models, renders and digitise fabrics is a prime example of innovation, there’s more to enjoy. Twinbru is the digital textures and services venture of Bru Textiles. We’ve digitised close to 11,000 Bru fabrics and built a sophisticated digital library of the company’s expansive fabric collections as part of the company’s best in class service offering. When we say you can choose a fabric from our library and they’re market-ready, here’s what we mean.

Choose Your Fabric

Our client journey would include the opportunity to browse and play around with any of the fabrics in our digital fabric library when modelling or rendering. If there’s a fabric that meets the necessary specifications, the client can easily place an order through our online portal.

The exclusive Twinbru web portal for customers is an easy to use platform containing a wealth of product information. It also allows for the tracking of orders and invoices statuses, as well as access to view and download all kinds of marketing support materials. The portal’s most important features are:

  • Stock availability for specific articles
  • The option to find alternatives for a product, should the desired product quantity not be available
  • Search for products based on a broad set of filter criteria (e.g. end use, design type, characteristics, colour, weight, composition, etc.)
  • Check the status of an order and invoice lines
  • View and download product imagery (i.e. flat shots, rendered visualisations, room shots and room scenes, all of which is downloadable in a variety of file formats and versions)
  • View and download marketing support material (e.g. brochures, logos, fact sheets, videos and artwork for offline marketing materials)


Get It Moving

Once fabric is selected, it needs to get to our customer. Bru runs on SAP S/4HANA, a future-ready enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with built-in intelligent technologies, including AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics.

Ordering fabric from the warehouse can sometimes mean a customer completes a hard copy purchase order. With our integrated technology, our system can convert a scanned purchase order into a digital document format that is standardised for the warehouse. From a sustainability point of view, this means we don’t print out reams of paper to fulfil orders or manage customer accounts.

A key advantage of the Twinbru digital system is speed. We achieve this high level of operational efficiency through various elements of warehouse management being optimised to benefit the customers. First, our customer support teams pride themselves on effective communication and will answer customer queries in a matter of hours. Next, the warehouse keeps a stock level of 80% and, because of this, orders are packed and shipped within a day of being placed.

In an enormous warehouse filled with thousands of rolls of fabric, how is it done so quickly? Again, technology is the answer and each roll of fabric can be tracked, every step of the way, from selection to cutting, thanks to barcode scanning done by each department.


Time To Travel

With a customer order packed and ready to go, the next step is transport. Bru takes all the hassle out of transporting an order by carrying all the risk and managing all the logistics.

The company’s long-standing relationships with transportation partners allows for negotiation of preferential transport rates for customers. We also save customers time with dropshipping to over 100 countries around the world. For large orders, fabric can be shipped directly from the mill to the furniture manufacturer or wholesale distribution centre thus shortening transport time and eliminating unnecessary trips to other destinations in between.

In fact, some of our international shipments make their way to other parts of the world faster than distribution locally in those destinations and, in some cases, we are able to fulfill an international order within 24 hours.


Solutions Unlocking Possibilities

Close the imagination gap of a speedy, efficient and accurate customer journey with Twinbru because it can be a reality. Enjoy seeing your creative vision quickly become a 3D model or render, select fabrics from the Twinbru digital library, place your order and receive your delivery in days.

Twinbru’s aim is to enhance and amplify your business capabilities with digital services that save both time and money. Discover how we can partner with you by contacting us here.


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