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Elevating design: Twinbru partners with Poliigon

Twinbru’s aim has always been to provide the greatest accessibility to its library of digital twins of market-ready physical fabrics. We set the industry standard with the quality of our digital textures but also with the partnerships formed to give 3D artists and designers access via their favourite platforms.

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Poliigon where we are providing 426 fabric digital twins for use by the world’s leading 3D artists. Not only can the artists or designers elevate their creative concepts with world-class fabrics, but they can also quickly and easily order the physical fabric through a link on the asset information page.

"We’re very happy to be collaborating with a 3D asset library like Poliigon, who are held in high regard by 3D artists and interior designers. The era of digital twins has started…and Poliigon and Twinbru are the pioneers leading the way.”

- Jo De Ridder, Partnership Development at Twinbru

426 fabric digital twins 1Poliigon was created by Andrew Price in 2016 to make photorealistic materials easily available to 3D artists around the world. As a subscription-based website, Poliigon delivers photoreal, ultra-high-quality textures, models, brushes and HDRIs for archviz, product rendering, game design, VFX and animation.

"Textures have gone from being realistic, to being an exact digital twin that clients can order after a visualization is delivered. For the first time ever, we’re seeing brands embrace 3D as a valuable part of their sales process…and we’re thrilled that one of the largest upholstery fabric brands is taking that step with us.”

- Andrew Price, Founder & CEO of Poliigon

At Twinbru, fabric digital twins are created with ultra-high-resolution scanning using X-Rite technology. To date, Twinbru has created 12,000 digital twins of Bru fabric collections, capturing each fabric in every single colourway and with lifelike visualisation of the texture and designs within the textile.

These fabric collections are widely used in furniture design and sold by wholesalers to the hospitality, events and commercial design sectors. On Poliigon, the fabrics available vary widely in colour, design and use, with upholstery, drapery and multifunctional fabrics among the collection of fabric digital twins.

Each asset is complete with real product specifications for each fabric, for designers to access specs such as width, weight, composition and fire retardancy right from the design stage.

Screenshot-(395)The Twinbru digital twins are available now on the site and we look forward to seeing 3D artists sharing their creations using Twinbru textures on social media such as Pinterest and Instagram.

To find out more about Twinbru’s growing partnerships, simply visit the Partnerships page.

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