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Growing partnerships: Twinbru teams up with Chaos Cosmos

Twinbru’s amazing fabric digital twins are expanding their reach on the world’s leading visualisation platforms with 450 of our digital fabrics now available on Chaos Cosmos. This free library of ready-to-render content clocks a digital asset download every three seconds and has accumulated millions of downloads over the past year.

"Digital fabrics are the glue that hold 3D spaces together; as virtual environments become more prevalent, the need for high-quality, on-demand fabrics will only continue to grow,"

- Jason Neiman, CEO of Bru Textiles

Chaos develops visualisation technologies that empower artists and designers to create photorealistic imagery and animation across all creative industries. In 2022, Chaos merged with Enscape, a developer of real-time rendering software for the AEC industry. Together, the newly combined company is creating an end-to-end ecosystem of 3D visualisation tools accessible to everyone.

“By partnering with Chaos, we are making the transition even easier for designers and 3D artists, giving them instant access to the biggest digital fabric library on the planet.” says Jason Neiman, CEO of Bru Textiles. “Digital fabrics are the glue that holds 3D spaces together; as virtual environments become more prevalent, the need for high-quality, on-demand fabrics will only continue to grow.”

fabricsOne of the leading reasons why digital design is fast becoming the new norm is sustainability. Digital assets have a long life and can easily be modified to support the evolution of a brand’s product. It is also more environmentally friendly and cost-effective to produce a digital prototype that can easily be integrated with customer-friendly digital sales tools and eCommerce platforms. It is a conscious decision by industries and businesses to embrace the technological innovations that will allow them to be part of the creation of 3D worlds where realistic content and environmental designs will be highly valued.

The aim of Twinbru’s digital fabric assets on platforms such as Chaos Cosmos is to provide a high-quality fabric render that is true to life. The fabric digital twins also contain loads of product data as they are digital replicas of market-ready physical fabrics. While Twinbru creates its digital twins with hundreds of images, including renders of the fabrics on a variety of furniture pieces as well as in-room scenes, Chaos Cosmos has also introduced furniture models to use along with the digital fabrics.

“Bru Textiles are known throughout the design world for their high-quality fabrics, making them a constant reference for high-end visualizations,” said Kalina Maneva, product manager of Chaos Cosmos at Chaos. “By incorporating some of their top designs into Chaos Cosmos, designers can be confident that their visualisations are populated with exact replicas of the real thing.”RenderRealism is the name of the game in visualisation, creating deeper, richer and more immersive visual experiences for a variety of applications, from game design and film to interior design and digital catalogues. Thanks to the advancements in the screen technology for smart devices as well as improvements in virtual reality and augmented reality technology, it is becoming easier to enjoy high-quality digital visuals.

Twinbru’s aim is to be part of the wave of readiness for a digital future. As industries overlap and collaborate more frequently, digital transformation remains key to future success as consumers demand more efficient experiences and sustainable product solutions. Through our partnership with Chaos Cosmos, we are supporting the growth of the capabilities of digital design and helping to democratise access to the highest quality digital assets.

The future sure looks bright and it’s going to be even chicer with Twinbru’s digital fabric twins elevating 3D design.



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