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Future Proof: How fabric digital twins boost business longevity for textiles and other industries

Increase agility and sustainability with digital twins of market-ready physical fabrics.

The challenges of 2020 and 2021 showed every industry across the globe how important agility and future-proofing are for the longevity of businesses and to keep abreast of how modern life is changing. After all the upheaval and uncertainty, stability is highly valued.

According to a report by PwC, “Technological innovation is the backbone for the development of sustainability…”

The definition of future-proofing is planning for the future with strategies, methods and solutions that can minimise the negative impact of changes of future events. One of the key drivers of the creation and implementation of future-proof solutions is demand from consumers for innovation.




Twinbru’s fabric digital twins came about because we could see there would come a time when interior designers, architects, furniture designers, fabric stockists, and consumers would want to see a wide variety of fabrics on a digital platform. If consumers can shop for fashion and other style items online by only looking at a photograph of a product, then Twinbru’s digital twins of fabrics are the next step. Our solution is high quality, high resolution renders of physical fabrics that show the true character of the product with great detail. These digital twins would also contain product data and be available in various file formats for use in different visualisation programs.

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As an example, digital samples are available on Swatchbook - an easily accessible digital fabric platform that holds relevant data on each fabric product such as fibre composition, application and textile test results. They’re also in a slightly different format on NVIDIA Omniverse where the fabrics can be applied to 3D models for virtual designs. It gives the designer all the data they need to accurately calculate if the application will work on a physical sample as a way of expediting prototyping without incurring high costs.

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Future proofing factors

Sustainability is one of the most important factors for future-proofing businesses and industries. Conservation of natural resources is an undeniable ethical responsibility of each person, every business and industry to ensure our planet can sustain future generations. What Twinbru’s fabric digital twins provide is a way to sample, catalogue and design digitally that effectively reduces waste from the textile industry.

Another key factor for future-proofing is adopting digital solutions. While Twinbru is offering a digital solution for visualisation, our fabric digital twins are also part of the Bru solution. Our clients enjoy a fully digital supply chain where fabrics can be viewed online, fabric data is accessible including stock availability and orders can be placed from an online portal for quick and easy delivery anywhere in the world. The digital twins also support the greater digital transformation to allow more accessibility to content with faster, more efficient digital systems.

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Reasons for change

The reason why much of the textile industry and its associated fields are now looking for future-proofing solutions is that there’s always a threat of irrelevance for the traditional methods of showcasing textile products along with the threat of no longer being able to maintain a competitive edge.The consumer experience is also changing with clients expecting clearer communication and true engagement  to their needs regardless. Future-proofing means being able to address these challenges so the business is prepared to adapt and have an increased chance of longevity in a rapidly evolving world.

Twinbru_Image_Future Poof_Apr2022_Image05Twinbru is future-proof. Our digital content supports the evolution and agility of design as well as textile sales to ensure industries can continue to grow and provide beautiful experiences for consumers. To learn more about Twinbru and delve further into our insights on technology, innovation and the future of digital fabric twins, please subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified of the latest episodes in our vlog series.


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