The future of gaming: Digital fabric twins, AR and AI

There are 2.7 billion gamers worldwide driving an industry that’s worth over $160 billion. Games offer people entertainment, viable careers in e-sports and game development, connections around the globe and unique skills development.

The gaming industry is undergoing a transformative shift, fuelled by cutting-edge technologies that promise to revolutionise how we play, interact, and experience virtual worlds. Because visual technology is advancing at a rapid pace, the games themselves can offer players a richer experience. 

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Wait, what about the metaverse? 

Much of the gaming industry thought next-gen game technology like extended reality to be the big thing after the big success of mobile. Mobile has been the primary growth driver for the past decade but it was actually PC and console gaming that carried the blockbuster releases. Turns out, gamers aren’t quite ready to live in the metaverse although possibilities and opinions remain optimistic of the exciting developments in the space that are created by the technology that is the future of gaming.

Let’s explore these technologies. 

Digital fabric 

Games today look really incredible and much of that comes to down how realistic game worlds can now appear. Twinbru’s digital fabrics open up a new realm of possibilities for game designers and developers to create immersive experiences that blur the line between the virtual and the real.

These ultra-high-resolution digital replicas of market-ready physical fabrics allow designers and gamers to experience true colours and textural characteristics in virtual settings. So, game developers can really bring the luxe look of velvet into a castle or create realistic office furniture for an urban environment.

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AR and VR technology 

AR and VR technologies have made significant strides in recent years, transcending the boundaries of gaming and entering various other sectors. In gaming, the integration of these technologies brings players into a whole new world of interactive experiences.

With AR, virtual objects are seamlessly integrated into the real-world environment, providing a unique blend of reality and digital elements. On the other hand, VR immerses players in completely virtual environments, transporting them to unimaginable realms. The future of gaming lies in the seamless integration of AR and VR, providing players with unparalleled depth and immersion.01_Twinbru_Article_The future of gaming - Digital fabric twins, AR and AI_May2024_Image04

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) plays a pivotal role in game development. From procedural content generation to realistic character animations, AI algorithms enhance visual fidelity. Imagine an AI suggesting level layouts, optimising lighting, or even generating lifelike NPCs. AI-driven design tools empower creators to build intricate worlds efficiently. With AI programming in gaming along with high-quality digital assets, players can look forward to customising their worlds with fabrics and other materials in a virtual environment.

Gaming gets even better 

The future of gaming also looks to more collaboration in the future, whether it be between game developers and interior designers, 3D designers collaborating on the look and feel, or even gamers collaborating thanks to AR technology. Games weren’t intended to isolate players but rather to include them in a community where they enjoy the strategic thinking and escapism offered by the product.

The goal now is to elevate the experiences and a small detail like having the upholstery of a chair look realistic in a game can change how the audience perceives a fictional or even real-world created in a game.01_Twinbru_Article_The future of gaming - Digital fabric twins, AR and AI_May2024_Image05

Twinbru offers an exceptional product and services that can be part of an exciting future for the gaming world. We are already in partnership with some of the world’s leading companies and hope to see our digital fabrics in a game someday soon. Until then, explore our current partnerships and discover the possibilities for the future in our Use Case examples.

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