Twinbru partners with DMIx

Twinbru continues to innovate as we set the industry standard with growing partnerships. We are excited that we are part of the DMIx ecosystem and we'll be working together to improve the digital supply chain processes and improve our customers’ experiences.

ColorDigital GmbH – the company behind DMIx® – was founded in 2013 in Cologne, Germany. Led by two digital natives, Olaf Kölling and Gerd Willschütz, the key DMIx software as a service solution has established itself as a new dimension of interaction between brands and manufacturers in the fashion and lifestyle industry.

What makes DMIx unique is its digital twin standard. Colour is the foundation of their technology for all 2D and 3D related workflows, as DMIx enables the evaluation of all aspects of colours based on spectral measurements for industrial production or visual, screen-based design tasks. They use common industry standards for colourimetric functionalities and spectral colour information to manage colour and appearance in all areas. The system creates a standard view, comparable to reality.

The platform also connects suppliers to brands and enables better collaboration, transparency, and performance measurement for phygital product development. DMIx shares Twinbru’s commitment to innovation and sustainability which aligns perfectly with our mission to drive positive change. Together, we can minimise the industry’s environmental impact.

We value innovation that drives efficiency and we look forward to being part of this journey with DMIx that will surely lead to exciting applications of digital twin technology.

To learn more about DMIx, visit their website:


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