Twinbru’s digital fabric twins now on NVIDIA Omniverse

When Twinbru developed its digital fabric twins, the intention was always to work with our partners and clients to generate opportunities for innovation. Whether it’s a fresh way of presenting fabrics or the creation of a new environment in gaming, digital fabric twins can open and enrich new pathways.

Screenshot 2022-01-04 at 18.21.21Our goal of providing a smart solution that drives the textile industry forward is coming to fruition as we collaborate with NVIDIA, an innovative leader in the tech industry. Twinbru’s digital fabric twins can now be found in NVIDIA Omniverse, an open platform built for 3D virtual collaboration and real-time physically accurate simulation. The first batch of Twinbru’s digital fabric twins is available as content on the platform for creators and designers to access as they collaborate and iterate in a shared virtual space.

The number of available digital fabrics available on NVIDIA Omniverse will steadily increase over time and it is an exciting prospect to see how creatives around the world will make use of these digital materials. NVIDIA Omniverse is transforming workflows with physically accurate, ray-traced rendering to deliver immersive visualisation, and true to reality simulation.

Screenshot 2022-01-05 at 09.50.10

3D visualisation has become essential to many industries and digital replicas of physical products, like our digital fabric twins, are required to build immersive visuals that are identical to the physical world. Our digital fabric renders have a fully automated supply chain behind them and Twinbru’s digital fabric library boasts 11,000 digitised fabrics.

Screenshot 2022-01-04 at 18.22.03We are incredibly proud of this partnership that proves fabrics and their associated industries can join the Fourth Industrial Revolution and present tangible service and product offerings within the realm of digital technology. As stated in one of our blogs, the growth of visualisation technology has given rise to many more opportunities for expansive and more personalised design within interior design, gaming, architecture as well as retail.

Screenshot 2022-01-05 at 09.49.51For the textile industry, Twinbru working with NVIDIA marks an important moment for the sector to expand its reach. The true innovation is taking a product deeply rooted in tactile experiences and seeing it integrated into virtual experiences. This is how we close the imagination gap.


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