Unleashing creativity: Sketchfab and Twinbru's dynamic partnership

Twinbru’s high-quality 3D fabric textures are an amazing digital asset to work with. But, you don’t have to take our word for it - the proof is in the growing list of visualisation platforms with which we’ve partnered.

Each platform is carefully reviewed and selected based on the value they create for their users, and their long-term vision of the digital twin concept. The diversity of the partner platforms makes our digital fabrics easily accessible to a wide range of design professionals and they can enjoy the 3D fabric textures in the software they prefer. One of these platforms is Sketchfab, which holds a prominent place as a leading platform for 3D models.

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A hub of creativity 

From architects to game developers, artists to educators, Sketchfab offers a vibrant canvas where 3D models come to life. It is the leading platform for distributing 3D & AR experiences and assets and a great space to collaborate with others. It also provides a powerful viewer based on WebGL and WebXR technologies, allowing users to display 3D models directly on the web.

With over 6 million 3D models and a community of millions of creators, Sketchfab hosts an extensive collection of immersive and interactive 3D content. It’s no wonder it has become the go-to platform for showcasing everything from architectural wonders to intricate character designs.Twinbru_Article_Unleashing Creativity_May2024_Image03

Where textiles meet virtual reality

Twinbru's digital assets can seamlessly integrate with Sketchfab's platform, offering a streamlined experience for creators. With Sketchfab's compatibility with popular 3D modelling software, Twinbru can reach a wider audience, boosting visibility and establishing a strong online presence within the 3D modelling community.

Twinbru’s partnership with Sketchfab opens up exciting possibilities. Here’s how:

Visual Realism: Sketchfab’s rendering capabilities work beautifully with Twinbru’s digital fabrics. Whether it’s a plush velvet or a natural linen, viewers can appreciate the true colours and tactile qualities.

Interactive Showrooms: Designers and architects can create virtual showrooms using Sketchfab. Picture a room filled with Twinbru’s fabric textures—curtains, upholstery, and rugs—all within a 3D environment. Clients can explore and visualise their spaces before making real-world decisions.

Educational Resources: Twinbru’s digital fabric twins find their way into classrooms and workshops. Students studying fashion, interior design, or textile engineering can enjoy working with our 3D fabric textures, and understanding how different fabrics behave under varying lighting conditions.

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A look to the future 

We understand that collaboration and the democratisation of design is the way forward for innovation. By giving more people the ability to interact with Twinbru’s 3D fabric textures and use them in design, Sketchfab is opening up the doors for exciting design. We continue to provide the latest digitised fabrics so that Sketchfab users can work with fabrics that can be purchased from a local supplier, adding an even deeper layer of realism and quality to their work. This not only means designers can present 3D models that are breathtaking, but it could very well boost their businesses.

Want to see more? 

If you take a look around the Twinbru website, you’ll get even more examples of how we are working with and for the visualisation community to create endless possibilities. We invite you to learn more about Sketchfab and our other visualisation platform partners so that you can find the right solution for your sensational design. 

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