The Fabric Industry - Reimagined

A brand new vision for the industry, promoting engagement and accessibility on a greater scale.

There's no doubt that 2020 pushed our world into an era of uncertainty. In the first quarter alone, global trade contracted by 3% and that figure may rise as the months go by, unless we choose to adapt, create and strategise. The globe has been shaken on the same level, if not worse than the 1920s’ Great Depression. 

Now, in times like these, we have the opportunity to re-evaluate the status quo. We must look into the unknown and re-define what our future holds when it comes to design. 


Bridge the Gap Between Imagination and Implementation

The key to establishing longevity, ultimately overcoming adversity, and maintaining confidence is to take our ideas from imagination to reality. Any service or idea that does not serve that end goal is detrimental to the future we are building; a sustainable, innovative and intuitive one.

TwinBru is proud to be at the forefront of bridging the gap between imagination and interior decoration.

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From beginning to end, we strive to deliver the best and most comprehensive journey for our interior design community. Key areas of focus have been to eliminate the rigidity, wastefulness and high barrier-to-entry as an industry:

  • Being rigid stifles creativity and imagination. We need to bridge that gap and allow an idea to run wild and let it bear fruit in an efficient way.

  • If we are not sustainable in these efforts, we are being wasteful - this needs to become a thing of the past on a global level. 

  • We need to allow businesses to connect with their customers at a fundamental level and in a way that is both affordable and cognisant of both parties' needs.

The advent of high-speed access to digital content and over 45% of the population now having access to smart devices (with that number increasing rapidly year-on-year) has cemented the fact that our industry needs an exceptional answer to the question of how best to leverage digital, now and into the future.

It is without doubt a core component of democratising fabric libraries and providing contactless experiences that customers can engage holistically and in a fashion that is tailored to them. Not only this, but also to allow businesses to market and distribute this content effectively and at scale, improving interaction and distribution - letting supply and demand speak to and inform each other.

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The tangible effects

  • By utilising the aforementioned benefits of digital, provide customers with accurate 3D renders of the fabrics of their choosing, whenever and wherever they need it. This ease-of-access promotes both engagement and creativity; a digital showroom that is always online.

  • Stimulating engagement and interaction - generate sales and instill confidence without the need of a physical showroom, completely eliminating the most inconvenient parts of the buying process, as well as erasing the physical footprint of sample book production.

  • A showroom for all; expand your reach and allow and influx of would-be customers into your showroom. People from all over the world can view your content and interact with it. The limitations of the physical world are a thing of the past.

  • With greater reach comes greater product offering and being able to provide this content at scale to customers and clients raises the need to package in a way that allows you to repurpose content. With 3D renders you are no longer beholden to the same physical parameters; tweak, adjust and refine to suit your needs.

  • Indistinguishable from reality: the technology behind TwinBru’s render pipeline creates scenes that are indiscernible from reality and provides customers with an even greater sense of what the product will look like in their particular setting, making it more valuable than seeing it in a sample book.


What the future holds

We believe that by adhering to these core tenets in the pursuit of reimagining this industry, together, we can shape a world that is better than the one we currently live in. And it is this ability to dream bigger and imagine deeper that we have been given the responsibility to do so.

Where do you see the future of our industry heading? To find out more, visit TwinBru and let's begin the journey. 


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