A good match: the importance of having the right technology partner

Choosing the right technology partner today can get you in the best position for digital transformation and tomorrow’s innovation.

In this digital era, we are presented with lots of technology boasting flashy features and technical superiority. We tend to be fairly brand loyal in our personal lives, choosing technology brands that have either come highly recommended from those whose industry insights or technical knowledge we value or because we’ve had years-long good experiences with a specific manufacturer. When this same situation occurs for business and potentially on a much bigger scale, it is much more challenging to navigate the available solutions.

lagos-techie-igur1ix0mqm-unsplashMore businesses are exploring how they can benefit from technology. Whether it’s incorporating some type of app or e-commerce function, offering a digital showcase of their product or service, or creating a digital portal to manage customer relationships and products, there are many options for small, medium and large businesses. It’s about looking at the emerging trends and customer behaviours of your specific industry and seeking out solutions that future-proof your enterprise.



Here’s how we did it

When Bru realised that the old way of doing business was not going to be sustainable for the future, the solution was to see how technology could carry the already successful business forward. Twinbru came to be as an agile disruptor in the textile industry that is the digital backbone of a trusted name in the sector. Of course, coming from the fabrics business, the key to success would be finding the right technology partners that could optimise Twinbru’s performance.

The benefits of these partnerships include:

  • Improved operational efficiency 
  • Scalability as the business grows 
  • Deeper knowledge and understanding of the technology through training 
  • Effective cost management, including machine maintenance 
  • Agility with technology that continually improves with new developments

To create high-quality, hyper-realistic 3D scans of Bru fabrics, Twinbru needs great technology. From our state-of-the-art scanning machines to the processing power solutions from Amazon Web Services, we selected technology partners that understood Twinbru’s vision for the future of digital fabrics along with the goals to be achieved.

Now, Twinbru is ready to be your technology partner.


An excellent choice

As an innovator in the textile industry, there are some key reason why you should choose Twinbru.


We believe in the power of collaboration. Taking your expertise in furniture design, fabric wholesale, interior design or architecture on board, we aim to build healthy relationships that both businesses enjoy. We are able to offer solutions that best suit your needs and discuss new ideas together.


Long lead times and unclear communication only adds stress to your business operations. We pride ourselves on communicating clearly and quickly. We also deliver your digital content within efficient timeframes. Want to get our digital content straight onto your website? That’s easy with our API interface. By using Twinbru’s online portal for fabric orders, it is so simple to select a fabric with a digital swatch and place the order online where our automated warehouse system processes the order so your physical fabric is packed and shipped in a remarkably quick time. In some instances, the time from order placed to physical delivery can be within 24 hours.


Digital fabric twin technology can boost your business sustainability in more ways than one. Using a digital fabric switch gives your customer base a true to life representation of fabric no matter where they are in the world without having to incur the cost and time of shipping a sample. It facilitates faster communication and choices which means your business operates better and keeps customers happy. Not using physical samples is also more eco-friendly by reducing the amount of textile waste produced by samples and reducing the carbon footprint of sample book manufacturing and distribution.


Looking to the future

Forbes says that a good technology partnership isn’t just about fulfilling the project at hand; it’s about positioning your business for growth by balancing your current needs with your future goals.

In times of rapid change, as we are experiencing, a strong digital foundation can be the anchor the business needs to be flexible and adaptable for a still uncertain future. Digital transformation in the textile industry isn’t radical - it’s necessary and it’s gaining momentum. And, if you’re in a business that needs textiles, we can close the imagination gap between ideas and finished products with our world-class digital offering.

Untitled-15Seeing is believing

To find out more about our services and our digital texture library, contact us today. Visit our Pinterest boards to see our incredible renders and digital fabrics showcase to see just how lifelike our digital twin fabrics really are!

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