Tech changed Customer Engagement

In a digital world, more customers are connecting with their favourite brands through digital channels, seeking more meaningful engagement.

Remember not that long ago where communities had a local baker, butcher, greengrocer and, in some places, a milkman your grandparents probably knew on a first-name basis?

We absolutely love knowing the barista at our favourite coffee shop and perhaps we can recommend a hairstylist by name. These are the product of building connections and establishing a relationship with our product or service providers. Surprisingly, we are seeking more of this type of close interaction.


But, the world faced a challenge that asked us to be socially distant, to support local businesses but with masks on and often without being able to set foot in an establishment or a brick and mortar store. The solution was for us to go online and businesses had to do the same to meet us in the digital spaces we now occupy.

A report by McKinsey & Company on how the pandemic changed business states the following:

During the pandemic, consumers have moved dramatically toward online channels, and companies and industries have responded in turn. The survey results confirm the rapid shift toward interacting with customers through digital channels.

There is no denying that technology has changed customer engagement.



So, what is customer engagement?


Customer engagement is the relationship between a customer and a brand built upon an emotional connection. This relationship is fostered through ongoing interactions via various online and offline channels. When done correctly, customer engagement builds customer loyalty that increases sales.

With the shift towards digital channels, good customer experiences play an important role in customer engagement. People have so many options to choose from so, smart businesses present something unique to keep their customer base engaged and loyal. It’s all about standing out from the crowd while using data and insights to ensure businesses speak to the wants and needs of their target audience and make that all-important connection.

Twinbru understands the benefits and challenges of a digitally-focused business as the digital backbone of Bru Textiles. With our world-class innovation, our aim is to support digital transformation with solutions that enhance your business offering as well as your customer engagement. So, let’s explore how technology will do precisely this.


Deeper digital connection

Multichannel experiences

Stores aren’t the only places people experience a brand. What customers are looking for is interaction with a brand almost the same as they interact with other people. Social media engagement, educational videos, efficient and friendly experiences with customer helplines and easy-to-use eCommerce platforms are just some of the many ways a customer can engage the brand. But, this doesn’t mean bombarding them on every channel available. It’s important to define clear moments in the customer journey where each channel works best and speak to the customer’s unique needs to deepen that connection through the multi- or omnichannel experience.


Customers expect brands to understand their expectations and unique needs. An experience tailored to the customer will make them feel special like they’re interacting with a friendly neighbour or that the company on the other values them as an individual. Personalisation can take many forms, from offering video chat services to a handwritten note when a product is delivered. It can also be ease of use, regardless of device, to personalised messages on social media. No matter how it’s done, personalisation is a given for successful and rewarding customer engagement.

Always on

Whether it’s time differences or just that people want to engage no matter the time of day or night, brands now need to be available 24/7. Fortunately, there are technological solutions that support human employees who still need their sleep after a day at work. The tech that allows self-service, AI that can troubleshoot problems and automation for placing orders allow the business to continue operating day or night. In fact, Twinbru’s digital automation is the backbone of Bru Textiles online ordering system where fabric purchases are automatically processed in the warehouse, allowing for incredibly short turnaround times in some cases.


The digital fabric twin solution

Twinbru’s digital fabric twins are the epitome of a solution that enhances customer engagement. These lifelike digital swatches of market-ready physical fabrics can be used for marketing, digital catalogues or even e-commerce applications. We even offer an API interface so our digital textures can be dialled right into your website. These swatches can be curated to create a more personalised experience for customers who may be far away or simply want the ease of being able to view digital fabric textures at a time outside of typical work hours. 

Close to 11,000 Bru textiles have been digitised by Twinbru creating an incredible library of colours and patterns to choose from to curate more specialised fabric libraries for specific businesses. With easy access to this content, customers can clearly express their wishes and even see a piece of furniture or a room scene with their fabric choice as a 3D model. It’s engagement that creates a sublime customer journey.

Twinbru_Blog_Template1-2Engage with us

If you’re wondering how we can integrate with your existing or future digital channels, chat to us and let’s tailor a solution for your needs. Twinbru is able to support small, medium and large enterprises in their endeavour to close the imagination gap and build more loyalty among customers. For great inspiration, visit our boards on Pinterest.

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